Home to wild trout, gonzo writers, and masterfully distilled spirits as complex and surprising as the place they were born. Pull up a chair, take a slow, joyful sip of one of our award-winning spirits, and get to know your neighbor up the creek.

Our Story

When we founded Woody Creek Distillers, our mission was simple: To pour everything we are into everything we make. We set out to make nothing but the finest craft spirits, each with a unique taste and character that was true to the origins of that spirit. It’s a standard we hold ourselves to every day. We never use neutral grain spirits or blend with base spirits from other distillers. We grow and harvest many of our own ingredients, like the Rio Grande potatoes for our premium vodka. We only source our grains from trusted Colorado farms, like the rye in our 100% rye mash whiskey. For the finishing touch, we distill every spirit we make in our own custom CARL stills – a shining copper example of engineering and art that turns the Earth’s freshest ingredients into the world’s most treasured spirits. This is without a doubt the perfect place to raise a drink.

Visit Us

We invite you to visit Woody Creek Distillers at our beautiful distillery, tasting room, and retail space approximately 15 miles west of Aspen at 60 Sunset Drive, Basalt, Colorado. Here you’ll find the full line of Woody Creek Distillers spirits and branded merchandise, including hats, T-shirts, glasses, and flasks. But more importantly, you’ll be able to pull up a chair and enjoy Colorado’s best damn spirits.

The Woody Creek Distillers tasting room is open Wednesday through Saturday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tours offered by appointment (distillery operations permitting) by calling (970) 279-5110.

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To book a private event at Woody Creek Distillers, please contact Mark Kleckner.

For all media inquiries please email hanna@hannaleecommunications.com.