Cocktail Recipe: Harvest Moon

Bacon & whiskey. What could be better? Our bacon infused whiskey is an absolute must try when you stop in the tasting room. If you can’t make it in, but still want to discover the magic of bacon and whiskey together in a cocktail, try our recipe for a Harvest Moon:


2 oz. Bacon WhiskeyHarvest Moon copy

½ oz. Blackberry Syrup

1-2 Sage Leaves & ½ large Rosemary Sprig.

2 dashes Orange Bitters

Build in mixing glass, Muddle Sage, Rosemary, and Blackberry Syrup.

Add whiskey, bitters & ice, hard stir, double strain into empty glass.

With a smoking gun use cherry wood to fill and upside down mason jar with smoke. Add cocktail to mason jar and secure lid for 15 seconds or more. Add ice to rocks glass and garnish with bourbon cherry & other half of rosemary sprig.